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Backend development plays a major role in the success of a website or mobile application. Therefore, it requires a great deal of attention to hiring the right backend developer for your project. Backend developers ensure that your site/app matches the customized requirement of your client or the expectations of its targeted audience. 

The key responsibility of backend developers is to understand the goal of the website or app, and set up the logic of the system. Moreover, they also need to ensure that organized logic functions appropriately on multiple devices. 

Some of the other things the backend developers have to take care of include integrating the payment processing system, managing, and connecting databases, drafting the way to receive data, including the search engines. Besides this, building the right architecture of your app or site also falls under the key duties of the developer.

5 Points to Consider While Hiring Backend Developers

  1. Check their portfolio or previous work
  2. Communication is important 
  3. Verify if the developer offers future support or not
  4. Timely delivery is a must
  5. Dig deeper into developers’ skills

Let’s read these points in detail:

Check Their Portfolio or Previous Work

It is one of the most important points that should never be neglected at any cost. While you hire dedicated developer , it is imperative to ask them for their previous projects (unless they haven’t showcased them on their profile). Check if they have worked on any project, which is similar to yours or not. 

If they have the one in the portfolio, it would be easier for them to understand your project. Don’t make it a mandatory clause though. Also, check the ratings and reviews submitted by their previous clients to know the way of their work. Cloud servers with faster-than-SSD performance. Speed up your website with Cloudways managed cloud hosting.

Communication is Important 

Even if you have shortlisted an experienced backend developer with lots of projects in his/her portfolio, don’t forget to ask about the communication mediums he/she uses. Communication is mandatory to ensure that the project is progressing in the right direction. Moreover, it also keeps the clients updated with the progress of the project. If anything at any step goes wrong, the client can correct it at that time only. 

Verify if the Developer Offers Future Support or Not

It is yet another significant point to consider because a mobile app or website development is not just a one-time process. It requires regular maintenance and support to function properly. Therefore, ask the backend developer if he/she offers future support or not. 

Timely Delivery is Must

It is one of the must-ask things. Before you sign a contract, don’t forget to mention the deadlines for your project delivery. Also, verify if the developer would be able to develop the backend within that time only or not. In a project development process, every stage is co-related to the other stage. It means if the backend development gets delayed, it would impact the entire project development. The main effect will be a rise in the cost. 

Dig Deeper Into Developer’s Skills

Make sure the developer boasts all the skills needed to complete your project’s needs. He/she should have expertise in the programming language, databases, and administrative servers that will be used for the development. Moreover, he/she should also be capable of managing APIs that are executed across multiple devices. 

After you finalize a backend developer, it is recommended to discuss your project requirements in detail to avoid any future issues. Check if the developer has experience of working on such types of projects on not. Proceed only after you are satisfied with the answers or information the developer provides in response to your project requirements. Now when you know about the qualities you should look for in a backend developer, let’s move further to the ways of hiring backend developers.  

Where to Find Backend Developers?

In general, there are two ways of hiring a backend developer. Check them out below:

Through a Freelance Website or Portal

Nowadays, there are many freelance portals, such as Toptal, Upwork, Fiverr, AngelList, and more, where you can find a freelance backend developer. To approach them, you need to create a profile on those websites and post your specific project requirements. After this, you can approach various backend developers or vice-versa. After discussing everything related to your mobile app or website’s backend development, you can close the deal. 

Via a Custom Mobile App Development Company

To serve the growing demand to hire dedicated developers for frontend, backend, and other developments, many mobile app development services providers have come forward. These companies offer “hire backend developers” services so that clients can hire them on an hourly or monthly basis, as per their project requirements. These companies vouch for the skills and proficiency of their backend developers.  

Freelance Websites Vs. Mobile App Development Company

If you are confused between which among these two ways is right to hire backend developers, then read the below-given differences:

  • When you hire a developer through a reliable mobile app development company, you can be sure about the certifications and skills of the developer, while it is not the same in the case of a freelancer. 
  • A freelancer cannot guarantee you that he/she is working only on your project, whereas, hiring a backend developer from a trusted mobile app company can provide you that assurance.
  • In both cases, you can choose to hire the developers on an hourly or monthly basis. 
  • Sometimes, the quality of work is also one of the biggest factors why people prefer the latter over the former.

Final Words

Since a backend developer plays an important role in the website or mobile app development, hiring them requires a great deal of attention. Check out this article to know the points that you should keep in mind before choosing the one for your website or app development. Besides this, you can also check- where to hire a backend developer from. Whichever among the two ways, we have mentioned in this article, you select to hire a backend developer, don’t forget the tips given in this article to get the worth of your money. 

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