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We’ve all heard of storage systems and concepts, but many companies and network engineers are so busy managing their current role that they don’t have time to discover the benefits of this exciting field in IT. Engineers of servers and networking were cool types of information technology, but due to the widespread of virtualization and the need for a smart and powerful way to store data, storage engineering has become firmly new in the field. In contrast, a recent study showed that one of the main problems for network operators is the lack of trained and qualified staff to manage this technology. This is perfect news for all students who want to take advantage of this position. Even if you do not plan to pursue a career as a network engineer, understanding this technology will only benefit the process.

Jobs – One Can Get With Netapp Certification

The role of NetApp is focused on jobs for IT professionals who have NetApp certification as well as knowledge.

  • Storage Server: This is the level of access to senior IT professionals who maintain and maintain a storage environment based on NetApp components at different levels of engagement and responsibility. 
  • Support Engineer: IT broker that provides on-site or remote services, general troubleshooting and root separation, hardware replacement, documentation, node configuration and software upgrades, and NetApp storage operating system hardware and business systems.
  • Installation Engineer: This is a high-level IT professional who clusters NetApp environments for initial deployment and refinement. These professionals typically work for NetApp or one of its resellers and service providers.
  • Covered Infrastructure: This is a mid-level process for high-level professionals working at Hybrid Cisco and NetApp on designing or deploying and managing a synchronized infrastructure environment. The environment connects Cisco and NetApp with IT, storage, and network infrastructure.

To get an idea of the job opportunities offered by NetApp certified professionals, we conducted an unofficial search of several jobs to see what the demand was. We’ve seen more than 2,000 employers from employers looking for NetApp experts, and in fact, LinkedIn itself has offered over 3,000 jobs. Most of these jobs were found in managerial and engineering roles, although some employers were looking for NetApp-certified people in analytics, marketing and architecture. NetApp offers training related to all certification exams.

Get the Most Important Certificates for You

Through a multitude of certificates and optional training, you can get the understanding required to meet the specific needs of your customers. Whether you’re working on deployment, management, or installation, or even as a professional service or support provider, NetApp offers certification courses to assist you to increase your efficiency and let your clients make the most of their infrastructure. Below a brief overview of some of the most popular certification offers in NetApp:

  • NetApp Certified Data-Administrator: Observe the skills required to perform detailed support and performance management for NetApp storage in CIFS and NFS. NetFS multi-protocol file environments. NCDA-certified people also learn to manage and protect customer data using NetApp SnapMirror, SnapRestore and SnapVault technologies.
  • NetApp Certified Storage Associate: Gains basic knowledge of ONTAP data management software and NetApp storage systems using the NetApp Core Certificate. NetApp has added an interspace cloud to NCSA that allows you to better understand data storage and management to integrate with local home and cloud infrastructure.
  • NetApp Certified Implementation-Engineer: This certificate is available in four versions for various levels of NetApp: NCIE-SAN E-Series, NCIE-SAN ONTAP, 7-mode NCIE SAN, and NCIE Data Protection. Participants will gain proven skills in implementing SAN Fiber Channel and iSCSI and integrating a variety of operating systems and applications.

To improve your understanding, NetApp gives a variety of specialties. If you want to better understand FlexPod, ONTAP, OnCommand Insight, or any NetApp solution or product, you can continue with the special offers that will provide you with the training you require to stay competitive.

Reasons to Become a NetApp Certified

There are the following reasons to validate NetApp storage:

You, Will, Learn All the Basics of a Storage System

Although the audit is specific to retailers, the first units cover all the basics of the storage system. Understanding this is essential if you want your talent competition to be relevant to modern technology. Once this is complete, you have the confidence to contribute to a technical discussion about your company’s storage system policies.

It’s Convenient

Many tests only give you a theoretical overview of the technology. NCSA is a partial theory, but at least half of the program is based on software installation, configuration, and management practices. Best of all, NetApp offers a free download engine.

It Is Very Popular

Indeed, most of their existence is based on these factors. Add the legal consequences of losing sensitive data and you may begin to notice the enormous importance of data storage. Paradoxically, how many IT professionals support this important area? When you start storing a storage system online, you may be critically criticized.

It Is Innovative

There is no growth, investment, or development of storage systems in any other technical area. And just when you thought storage consolidation would continue, a new set of DAS distributed storage systems used the existing virtual campus to create a SAN base.

It’s On the Market

Take a look at the Storage Engineer or NetApp sheets and see for yourself. Bypassing the test, you have proven to your customers that you are at a level that NetApp confirms that it supports their products. Certification means working.

Netapp Is a Big Deal

You’ve never heard of this without knowing the storage system; however, NetApp is the largest provider of storage space in the US government! It’s pretty big. When other companies disappeared when the internet bubble blew, NetApp flourished. It also works with Cisco and VMware to provide a secure, multi-tenant architecture that provides security in the cloud, according to Wikipedia.

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