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Getting more views on Youtube videos is often considered to be the most challenging task by marketers. No doubt, it is a marathon journey and requires a multidimensional approach to increase the views from different sources such as youtube marketing and buy youtube views. In this marathon journey, one may lose motivation and give up midway.

One good way to stay on track and accomplish your endeavor of getting more views on your content is to understand the significant ways that it will help you. One lesser-known aspect of it is the role of YouTube views in helping the video rank higher in the YouTube search results. Want an honest review of SEMrush’s all-in-one marketing tool? Check this SEMrush review on

Experts believe that there is a strong correlation between the number of views on a video and its rank in the search results. Let us delve deeper into it and understand how it works. 

Historical Context

Ever since YouTube rose to popularity as a video sharing platform, the views count has been the single most important indicator of video quality and ranking used by YouTube. And rightly so, more views indicate the popularity of the video, which in turn is a reflection of its quality. Thus, Youtube would rank these videos with more views higher in the search results. 

With time, YouTube has refined its algorithm to include factors such as watch hours, audience engagement, and retention as an indicator of video quality. However, views continue to be the single most important factor and play a major role in determining the search result rankings. There is a direct correlation between the number of views on a video and its appearance in the search results.

Why are views so important?

Views are important to determine video quality. Views indicate that the content is likable, worthy, and helpful. However, apart from this basic reason, there is more to it. 

Without a significant number of views, the video is not able to generate the other critical signals that Youtube uses to evaluate the video quality and rank. In fact, more the number of views a Youtube has, other signals become more accurate and reliable. 

For example, more views on a video mean more watch hours, more comments, and more likes/dislikes. Using all these factors together, YouTube’s algorithm would rank the video in the search results for a particular keyword. 

Should you buy YouTube views?

Given the importance of YouTube views and their direct correlation with the search result rankings, it is important to have a significant number of views on your videos from the beginning itself. One good way to achieve that is to buy YouTube views online. There are multiple websites and online service providers that offer completely authentic and real YouTube views, from reliable sources. 

Key Takeaway

Youtube views play a major role in helping you rank higher in search results on Youtube. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Youtube views, and give a boost to your channel in terms of appearance in search results

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