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If you are in charge of a sports club, whether you have been doing it for some time or are only just starting, then you know very well that the management of your club entails a lot of effort and dedication. You need to be committed to your sports club – and you most likely are – but more than this, you also need to have the right resources on-hand so you can manage your club in an organised, efficient, and practical manner. The key is in the tools you use, and today, you can benefit from one single tool and platform that makes club management a breeze. Sports club management software, or software for sports club managers, has become vital to the success of any sports club as it allows you to become better organised and lets you save time, effort, and even money. But what are the features you can expect with this kind of software, and how important are they? Let’s have a look at the top features of sports club software you should know and expect.

1. Membership management

All proper sports club software will come with membership management features – the perfect way for you to manage your member data and records with ease. If you need to input member information into your software, you can easily do so with a few taps, and you can also access the necessary data at any time as long as you have an internet connection. You can also see all the transactions made by and for each member, from payments to schedules to attendance and more.

2. Billing management 

Sports club owners and managers have found it difficult to collect membership fees and payments for various events simply because there is no central platform they can use that gives them the information they need regarding billing as well. But with membership softwares, you can have enhanced and better billing management because you can send out requests for payment, you can process payments, and you can manage different payment methods, track subscriptions, create upgrades, and even cancel membership all in one place.

3. Member engagement 

Since you can easily send out email blasts and SMS messages to your members, you can improve member engagement with your sports club as well. You already know how important it is to retain your sports club members, and one of the things you can do to increase the retention of members is to engage them in the proper way. With sports club software, all you have to do is send out messages regarding upcoming games and events, schedules and sessions, news and updates, and more, and you can do all this with a few clicks.

4. E-commerce capabilities 

As already mentioned, special club management software allows you to request payment from members and see membership statuses at a glance. But with an e-commerce feature, you can have more payment methods with credit and debit cards and other platforms, which give your members much more flexibility in terms of how they settle their fees. All the details of every transaction will then be easily stored in the profiles of your members, so you can see everything in one go and use the information to reach out to members who have not updated their status and find out what you can do to retain their membership.

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