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Smartphones are a major part of the present world, especially with the coronavirus and we are all locked down at home. We depend upon the smartphones to keep us entertained and work remotely when we are going through the self-quarantine period.

Throughout the world, mobile apps are becoming major components for users to ensure that users can make their remote working easier. Let us walk you through the top apps that are helping the users during the coronavirus. The best thing is that if you are planning to bring your business to a digital platform then you can get some idea on the category that you can go for before contacting the mobile app development company.

From tracking work to sharing files, collaborating with the team to video conferencing, here are the top apps for everything. 

#1 Slack

Slack is a major app that is making employees easily communicate with others easily and share their ideas. For a team, it is easy to collaborate with others via voice calls, messaging, and video calls. In addition to this, users can easily edit or share documents and integrate other application programs to avoid complex services. The best thing is that it is available for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. 

#2 Zoom

To make the remote working easier, the businesses are going for Zoom, which is a great cross-platform instant messaging and video conferencing app. In addition to this, users can share the screen with others. The best thing is that host can invite and add 100 people to video conferencing at the same time. 

#3 BaseCamp 3

This app is a great tool for the employees that need project management. It has additional features such as schedules, to-do-lists, message boards, real-time group chat, and automatic check-in questions that help the employees to manage the project easily. The team members also share their work on the project and the tasks they have done. BaseCamp 3 includes third-party integration to allow users to include other tracking apps.

#4 G-Suite Apps

Google-owned G-Suite is the lifeline of the business world that is making it easy to manage Docs, drive, and hangout. In addition to this, the users can share the field, coordinate with the team members easily with the giant-owned app. The app is paid for the businesses to ensure that they can access all the features.

#5 CovidWatch

Even with the mobile apps to entertain the user, it is essential to track the coronavirus spread as well. The app gives benefits to the users to protect themselves from the COVID-19 without any issue of data theft. The Bluetooth signals are used to detect whether the users are in proximity to the coronavirus victim.

#6 Microsoft Teams

This mobile app is used for years by companies for a productive workflow. Office 365 helps in video and text chats with the team members and sharing documents with each other. However, the services are not free of cost and need to have a paid subscription. 

#7 Netflix

If you are planning to develop a video streaming app then you must know Netflix is a great platform to check upon. The android app developers can work on the video streaming that can keep the users entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, in order to access the videos, the users need to go for the paid subscription.

#8 Walmart

Being at home requires users to have groceries and what can be a better way than online grocery shopping. Since the users don’t have to go out to purchase the groceries they can simply order them from the phone and get it delivered at home. Walmart is offering such on-demand delivery services for the users to make it easy to stay at home and avoid the spread of the pandemic.

#9 Houseparty

If you want to get in touch with your family and friends but due to the lockdown you can’t then Houseparty is a great video chat application. The video conferencing app is a great addition to get in touch with your loved ones as social hangouts.

Here are the top mobile apps that are helping the users amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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